This photo is actually a year old, but I'm leaving it here, because I like it so much, and because I've put in an application for some money for a further project in God's House Tower with visual artist Sarah Filmer.  This new project grows out of our residency and could be very exciting indeed...


This year I am no longer Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Southampton University - which I regret, but lots of writers need these jobs and I've had such a boost through the work with students, the regular money and opportunity to explore other aspects of writing that it would be churlish to complain.  So good luck to Stephanie Norgate, poet, and I hope to see you soon.


The National Theatre's New Views scheme will start once more in September - mentoring on this scheme is one of my favourite ways to spend time and I would like to say that this year's winning play by Alice Schofield from Capa College in Wakefield was beautifully written - delicate, funny, hopeful and devastatingly sad.  One of the best plays I have seen this year.


I've spent the last two years cutting my poetry teeth, inspired by residencies in God's House Tower, Southampton, and the New Forest for Forest Forge and the National Parks Association.  The poems from the Tower I made into a show with local actors I love to work with.  It wasn't a play, but it was theatre of a sort, and ritual and drama and communion and it was amazing in their expert hands.  I'm hoping to build on this with a new project, but I'm also starting to read my poems myself.  




I'm honoured to be reading in the Red Alachigh at the new Oxford Storytelling Festival on Sunday 26th August


and then on Thursday September 13th I'll be joining the Albert Poets in Huddersfield.


Here's a bit of what I do:





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